Surrendering A Dog to All Dog Rescue

All Dog Rescue will consider accepting adoptable dogs from any animal welfare organization or surrendering owner within Massachusetts.


For Dog Owners Finding a new home for your dog

If you need to find a new home for your dog, you can contact us (or call us at 617-507-9193) and tell us your name, email address, phone number, the town where you live, and why you need to give up your dog. Additionally, you can fill our our owner surrender form online.


A volunteer will return the email or phone call within two days. Our volunteers have information about Massachusetts dog trainers, shelters, breed rescue groups, and other rescue groups. We will talk to you about the dog, its behavior, and your reasons for surrendering the dog.


NOTE: If your dog has bitten, or is aggressive toward people or other dogs, our volunteers will offer counseling, but we cannot take your dog. Please do not pass a problem dog onto someone else. It is your responsibility to deal with aggression problems.


If we think we can find a new home for your dog, we will make an appointment to meet and evaluate the dog. We are located in the greater Boston area and you are responsible for transporting the dog to the evaluation site (NOT necessarily to surrender the dog at this time).


We require a behavior observation, performed by our own volunteers, before a dog is accepted into the program. Our evaluation is used to see if a dog can be safely placed in a home. It also helps us understand the dog’s personality and level of training needed in order to make better adoption decisions.


If, after the evaluation, we feel that we can place the dog in a new home, we will let you know when and where to bring the dog to surrender it to our volunteers.


Partnering with Animal Control Officers


All Dog Rescue is committed to helping the region’s Animal Control Officers who, for lack of funding, space, or other resources, must euthanize adoptable dogs. All Dog Rescue volunteers are willing to travel reasonable distances to evaluate dogs. Animal Control Officers or shelters with a dog to surrender, please contact us or call: 617-507-9193.

Surrender Application Form

Online Form

Submit an surrender application online here.

PDF Form

Download a PDF version here. Once you have downloaded and filled in this form, please email it to


Donations enable us to rescue more dogs, especially sick dogs who do not do well in shelter environments and who can often heal much faster in a foster home. All Dog Rescue needs your help to raise money to spay and neuter dogs this year.


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